Tiny Puppies take "special" Care and they are Not for every one.  Tiny "T Cups" are much more
Fragile and take more time and pampering to insure their livelyhood and safety.
Working with the "Tines" is rewarding in the fact that you content devotion
and Care in Nuturing  of these precious tiny  size Poms.

My knowledge of Tinies comes from years of working with these precious little Angels
and before you decide to take on the respondsability of a "tiny" please be aware of
the special Needs of "Tiny Toy T-Cups"

Tiny Pups require " Special" Attention to assure their optimum, Health and Survival.
The  Following instructions are intended to be a guidance in caring for your most special Puppy,
but Not a substitute for the important instructions from your own Vet.

Feed your Tiny Puppy more often than you would a Larger pup.
Four to Six times a day small meals is recommended.
I feed Them in addition to their puppy food Gerber Baby Food Chicken and Gravy ,
Also keep on hand Nutri- Cal or Nutri Stat.
I also feed Eukanuba small tiny bite size puppy food dry .  alone with
Purina puppy chow mixed with warm water and add small amount of Milk and one teaspoon
can chop beef pedigree .

Keep In your Home these Special Items for your tiny puppy.  Karo Syrup As these precious babies
Blood sugar can drop very quickly , nurtri-cal or nutri stat.
Should the puppy look lethargic or become glassy eye you may
need to force karo syrup if necessary with a small syringe.
This helps Normalize the blood Sugar level of the  puppy.

Keep Your puppy Away from Public Places and avoid contact with other pets until it is fully
Immunized. Do Not let Your pup chew on any shoes the puppy can pick up viruses and deadly
germs from shoes.. People and other pets can carry deadly Viruses to your tiny puppy whos
immune system can be lower by stress from the excitment of going to a new home and
strange enviroment .

Keep your Tiny Puppy Warm and away frm Drafts.

IF your tiny puppy refuses to eat supplement with Gerber Baby food .

We understand that it is very popular to obtain a "Tiny T-Cup"  "Pocket Size Pom"
But these babies require lots of time One on one care around the clock.
The Low blood Sugar is common with these tiny babies,
and also common for these tinies to have a soft spot in the center
of their head known as "Modular" the same as a human baby.
We do NOT Guarantee against Hydrocephalus commonly found
in Small size, Tiny Poms. This is the draw backs to owning a tiny
Pom. If for this reason you feel the least uncomfortable about a
tiny Pom Please Pick a larger Size puppy..
We do not guarantee against Low Blood Sugar or seizures from a sudden
drop in Blood Sugar .  We have raised many tiny babies are they can live a normal life
Our Little Kara and many other little precious Tinies are proof that they can
out grow The complications of Low Blood sugar

While Extra Care Must be taken in Raising a Tiny Puppy , The Love Returned is Equal and
You'll have a tiny Little Friend with a Special Bonding For many Years to come.

Shipping Tinies
Sorry we do not Ship Tinies they must be picked up at our home.

When Can My Baby  Come Home With Me?
It just depends on the puppy.
Some can go at 12 weeks, others 16 and some must stay even longer.
Once you have placed a deposit on your puppy we Will NOT
Rush the puppy before we feel he/she is ready .
We want them to stay as long as we feel
they need to this just insures a healthy begining with you.

Do you Guarantee against Seizure ?
No we do not guarantee against seizures
However if you take the proper care of your little one they should live  a
healthy Life .

Do you sell Tinies to  Homes with Small Children?
No  We feel the tiny pups are much to fragile and a small
child May Accidently injure the tiny pup.
Small and Tiny Poms NOT recommend for
Children under age 14 Years of age.

We give Albon and Flagil routinely to all our Puppies as a preventative
We disinfect floors,food,water bowls 2 times daily
However when going to a new home it is stressful on these little pups
and some times albon may need to be given once again.
We have many success stories of Tiny Babies that
have survived due to one on one care and attention.
Our Kara is just one  of our Special Babies
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