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Sold   Austin, Texas
Up Dated  Nov. 30, 2010
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Blue/ Fawn Male will be small predicted to mature to 4.5 pounds
Mother is Fancy Blue          Sire Showin Pomangels Flash of Lighting
Son of Showin White Lighting             $850 SOLD
Sold  to Jacksonville Fl.
Sold Tiny Cream Female
Sire  Chance    Mother  Daughter of Tazz
This little gril is full sister  to my
little BOY "Jim Dandy"
Small   Blue Female Born May 27, 05
Just Sold
Tiny Blue Fawn Male Born May 27, 05
$1,000 Sold
Little Cutie  Born 10-18-05     Tiny Blue  SOLD 1,250
"The ICE Man"  Pure White Male ,
Sire: Rhinestone Cowboy                      Mother: Lady by Chance
Ice man will be Small like his mother and father both are 4 lbs.
$1,500 Firm  
UP Dated Picture of   "Ice Man"
Son of Chance and China Doll    Born 9-7-06 SOLD..$1,000
this Puppy has
sold Please do not take pictures from web site  with out permission.
Below are Past Pom Angels just for your viewing.
These pups have already sold.
Merle Male
Sire Silver              Mother Sophie
$1,125  Sold
Available Chocolate Male Born Oct. 3, 2007   $950
Mother Chocolate Sweetheart     Sire  Panda Bear  Just Sold
Sire is Johnny Angel Cream Salbe,               Mother is Cheyenne Cream  $1,200  
predicting to be 3 to 3 and half lbs.
Tiny Teddy Bear Face Female "Baby Doll" Born 10-23-07       $1,200  SOLD
Sire: RhineStone Cowboy                      Mother Electra daughter of Chance
Tiny  "Itty Bitty" Should mature 3 lbs grown.
Born 5-23-08     $1200
Mother Nicky      Sire Fabio
"Tiny Tim"
Breeder/show Prospect
Born 5-23-08  
Female "Cookie"  |  Born 8-22-08    |   Sire Silver  |  Mother Savannah
Price $1000 full AKC  SOLD
Sugar Sprinkles SOLD  $1,000
Chance X Snow P
Snow Ball $1,200 SOLD
Cash Cowboy
Shy Sweetheart
Available Female "Ice Princess"  Born 9-22-10   $1,750
This little girl has a gorgeous Teddy Bear Face and will be just like her Dad Cowboy Photo below
Sire Cowboy   Mother Memory
Cowboy    Sire to Ice Princess .  Cowboy is 4 Pounds.
Princess also has a little brother photo coming soon
Current photos of Princess
DO Not Take Pictures are Graphics from this site.