I want to thank you again for all the little extra's you provided
with Tiffany...all the written instructions, feeding details,etc,
aToy, the box to transport her in,canned dog food,

The last time I bought a puppy, all I was given was the
puppy and her registration papers.

Please feel free to use my phone number and/are E-Mail
address to prospective buyers as a reference, if you would
ever want to.
On the other hand I highly recommend your web site to any
(good adoptive homes only, of course.)

Right now I feel like the Luckiest "Pom Mom" in the World,
or at least the United States!
Dale K.
Huntsville, Al.
You Can use me as a reference any time!
Please feel free to give out my e mail address or my home
phone number.  I am usually home after 6. My work number
and I am here from 8 to 5 Monday-Friday.

Gracie has been a Blessing to us in so many ways!
She was good therapy for all of us following the loss of my
Mother at Christmas.  She is So Sweet and also fun and feisty!!!
She is 4 pounds.
Murfreeboro, TN
Of Course,- Go Ahead !!!  I would LOVE to see her on the Web.
Hi Jeannie,
 I just wanted to send you some pictures of Chula (b Dec. 3 from Chance
and Snow P)  She is so precious and has a super personality!  We
ADORE her and so does our Yorkie, Julio.  We moved  to Chicago so
we have
been getting her some new clothes for the Cold! This Pink Jacket is my
Take Care
Jennifer G.   
You Most certainly may use me as a reference and post these pictures on your
web page. He's a great dog and I am proud to display his wonderful peronality:-)
Hi Jeannie
Thank You for following up on the AKC papers.  They came on Friday.  I'll fill
out the paperwork and get it into the mail this week.
You know, as we were driving home with our little guy my husband said he
doesn't look like a "Zach,"  he looks like a little "Bear" So, we decided to name
him Little Bear.  Then, the next day we read over the papers you gave us and
noticed you named him "Teddy Bear."   Mike and I laughed and said it was
meant to be:-)  So, When I send the papers in for registration his full name will
be "
Angeltouch's Little Bear" I hope you like it.
We just love him to bits.  What a great puppy!  As you said, he is a "living Doll"  
My husband is in love with our puppy.  Moreover, he was a little hesitant about
getting a dog, but we've made a Pom Lover out of him now:-)   He makes us all
laugh and we love to play with him.
Oh, by the way the Vet said he was very healthy and that we have a
great puppy.  He commended you for breeding a quality pup.  I told him I
could not have made a better choice.
Thank you, Jeannie, thank you so much
for such a wonderful puppy.
Here are some pictures we took in the first week and a half we've had him.  As
he grows I'll sure to send more.  Take Care!
Angeltouch's Little Bear
First of all you can use me or my vet as a reference any time you want.  My vet is Dr.
he said that he was very impressed with your operation.  He thought your shot record form
was very good.  He also said that he did not see a history of other breeders giving
Bordetella on regular schedule like you did. Your puppies were in excellent health
No heart murmurs,,, NO lung problems, and Patellas were very tight.  To top it
off he said you have some pretty little girls here.  
Tenzy's Girls
Flash  X  Lady
Flash  X  Tuxedo's Doll Spy
Chance  X  China Doll
I would like to thank Dale, Michele,Jennifer,Genie, Tenzy, Gail,
Erica for Providing me with these references.   I take pride knowing
my Little
Angels have gone to such loving and deserving Homes.
You definitely have my permission to use me anytime.
We got the babies home!!!  The male is a Doll, but on my gosh, the female is
They came through with no problems and I was impressed with the care they got
from the Airlines.  I won't be afraid to ship anymore.
We live about an hour from the airport and they both slept in my lap.  We've already
had lots of kisses and tail wagging.  I doubt that I'll get much sleep tonite-to excited.  
but I sure will have fun with them tomorrow.  Thanks so much for all you did in
getting them to us.  Panda Pooch and Clemmontine send their love.
I am having so much fun!!  Clemmontine doesn't even look real.  She knows she is
special-sturts around here like she owns the place.  Panda Pooch is laid back and
just watches her perform.  They are inseparable-if I pick up one, I hae to pick up the
other.  They sleep in our puppy pen at night and don't make a peep.  They obviously
have had excellent care-they love and trust people.
Your paperwork is wonderful-I can learn from you.  I need to make up a form like
yours theat records their shots,worming,etc.
Gail, Texas
I purchased a pom back in Jan. 31 (Toni).   she was born on 12-8-03.  
She is the best dog I have ever had!  She has the best temperament, is
healthy and Loves
EveryOne. My Vet says she is in excellent
condition and that we definitely have a good Pom, one of the best she
has seen.  She weighs 6 lbs.  We would love to get another pom for her
to play with.  Her brother & sister cats are just not as playful as she'd
like them to be. LOL
I think Toni is beautiful..   Tazz is her dad and I believe her mom was
White Gold Rocks Shy Angel (or something like that-her Mom was
She looks exactly like Tazz.  She even has the light colored streak-like
marking over her shoulder like I've seen in  the pics of him.
  You are more than welcome to put my comments on your reference
page.  You definitely wouldn't believe all the great comments I get from
everyone about her and people stop in their tracks to look at her.  And,
of Course, she loves the attention.
Pinson, Al.
Pombredens Panda Bear and  
You Can Definitely use my comments, I want everyone to know where
get their own little Angel.
 Hi Jeannie,   I just wanted to write you a little note letting you know
how WONDERFUL  my puppy (Beaux) is doing.  He is growing like a
I couldn't ask for a more perfect puppy.  He has so much personality,
and he is a great little cuddler.  SO SMART!  He has definintly been
popular around here.  I thank you so much for raising such great dogs.  
I will try to
get you a picture of him soon.
    Thank you so Much !
Erica,    Forest, MS
" Barbara's Little Dusty"
Yes Go ahead and use him and My Comments.
   Hi Jeannie
Just wanted to let you know Dusty is doing Great.  He is very
playful and Loving.  The Vet checked him and wanted to know if
we were going to show him... He says he is perfect for showing.
Thank You for a Beautiful Boy
Barbara T.
Fort Walton, Flordia
Dear MS.Jeannie,
Just wanted to let you know we arrived home safely and Trinket is doing
very well. She is eating and using potty just fine and settling in happily.
Thank you for every thing. You really know alot about the breed and go
above and beyond what we expected.  There should be more breeders
like yourself who take the extra time and effort to insure that the puppies
get off to a excellent start with thier new families.  We will keep in touch
and let you know how she is doing ..   Thank  you once again:)
Warm Wishes,
Brian & Sharon H.
Pomeranian Information
I invite you to use this reference on your web site.
Before I bouht my baby boy I did a lot of research on breeders.
I have never made a better decision than to go with Angeltouch.  Not
only is Grover absolutely beautiful, he has a wonderful temperment. He
is a happy, charming, bouncy baby and loves me and my elderly
Peek-a-poo. He was wll on his way to being puppy pad trained when I
brought him home, and is now (2 weeks later) making very few mistakes.
On our first vet visit he was praised for his form and confirmation and
especially for his coat.  The doc asked me if I planned to take him to
the show ring! His healthcheck was perfect and the vet highly
complimented the records I brought for his file.  AnyOne considering a
Pomeranian should consider Angeltouch.  The Love Grover Got from his
first home gave him a great start.
Brenda Mc
Pleasant Grove, Al.