~Up Dated 2-11-2018~
** We Are In the State of Alabama**
Please DO Not Copy are take Photos are Graphics from this site
~ When inquiring about our little angels
Please tell us about yourself.
Please NO
one line E- Mails.
....   Thank You~
Tiny Female  
Sire Chance   Mother Sugar  
Cream Females
Sire Chance.... Mother Sweetness
****Here are some of our Past Precious little Angels
just for your viewing enjoyment***
Cupids Angel
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" Porcelian Doll"     SOLD
Panda Bear   X  Crystal Flash
"Little Crystal  SOLD

Chance and Sugar Baby
Cash Cowboy X Summer 2
Cash Cowboy X Paris
Please First E-Mail  (pomangels@frontier.com) Before you Call
No E Mail Tagging of 20 to 30 E-Mails of one lines that blow up my computer.
Sorry No Personal checks Deposits to Hold accepted Deposits are Non-Refundable
White or white Cream Females Are $1500 as pets are $2,000 AKC Breeder
White Breeder Male Pups $1850 no exceptions.
Please NOTE there is a delivery charge for Meeting of $75 within 100 miles This
includes Birminham Air Port if Gas prices go up the charge will increase.
Male "Merlin"  Sire Silver  Mother Black Sweet P SOLD

Watch his Video
Sire Fabio  Mother Chances R. Daughter of Tazz  SOLD
Watch his Video
Raised in Smoke free Home, and socialized Our Videos should provide you with some
insite on the attention, care, Love we provide our babies. They start their paper training (Potty training) at a early age.
You will need to continue their training, as going to a new home accidents do happen.
When picking up your baby bring a travel crate especially if you  have to travel a long distant back home.
Puppy food Purina Puppy Chow and Eukanuba small bites, also a toy
raw hide chew, written care instructions, wee wee pads, puppy bowls, for the trip home.
Appointments Please week days from 1 to 5 PM   Weekends 1 to 6 PM
SIZE....  I can only Estimate or Guessimate Size Not IronClad We go by puppy weight
scale as a rule of  thumb.
Puppies are very rarely ever the same size as their parents they may mature smaller or
Larger than their parents.
*******I DO NOT Guarantee Size Or Color *****
Tiny Male "Tiny Teddy"viewing only
Watch his Video
Small Male "Little Bear" not available
Watch his Video
Female  " Misty" SOLD
Watch her Video
" Little Trinket"  not available
for viewing only
E-Mail for Information
Charmer 4.lb
Triton 4 and 3/4
China Doll
Twister 4lb.
White Charmer
3 and 3/4 lb.
Blue Charmer
5 lb.
Impressive Triton 4 lb.s
Mother Wendy
********I can accept paypal  buyer pays paypal user fee of 3 and half %******  
Paypal only for Deposit Balance must be paid in CASH, Postal Money Order or
Wal Mart Money Gram NO personal Check
Impressive Savannah
5 & 1/2 lbs.
Little Mikey 4 lbs
Male Available Sable  Born 1-1-19  $ 900 as pet $1250 as Breeder
Little Triton       Mother G.G. Twister
Kaylee 6 lb.
Snow Eve
White Trinket
White Cash Cowboy
Available Male   "Royal"  Born 12-16-18   Price 1250 as pet or $1500 as Breeder
Mother Snow Eve        Father Little Diamond Cowboy Treasure
GG Twister
White Perfume 6 lb.
Available Male Cody  Born 11-27-18    Price $750 pet or $1000 full AKC
Sire is   Treasure       Mother  Victory Trinket
Please Note I still have a Land Line NOT a cell phone so i Do Not Text
pictures and I do not Make Long distance calls ....If you want to call send
me a message first let me know who you are before you call me and i will
send you my phone Number..... I get too many Robo/scammer Calls
Diamond Cowboy
Available Female Page  Born 12-22-18  Pet Price $1250  Breeder price $1500
             Mother Wendy                                        Father Candy Man
Candy Man
Available Balck and Tan Girl  Penny  Born 12-9-18   Price $1250  Pet  Breeder $1500
             Mother White Perfume Treasure              Father Little Impressive Triton